Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Candy Coated Heat Wave

The past 6 days have been nearly unbearable in the city!  Skirts are a must, even jeans are just TOO HOT!  With the heat index over 100 degrees everyday, anything with sleeves or skin tight is ill advised.  I took the opportunity to wear my new vintage skirt from Shirley + Alice in BK, partnered with my white crop from H&M and my Zara heels. I love this easy breezy comfy outfit, it's perfect for days like these! Hope you're enjoying your summer!

Smooches Loves,

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tous Les Jours Je Suis...

T-Shirt Dress - Urban Outfitters (Sold Out)   |   Leather Jacket - Nordstrom
Fur Vest - H&M   |   Fedora - H&M (Similar here) 
Purse - Forever21    |   Booties - Truth or Dare

Tous les jours je suis, HUSTLIN! I couldn't have said it better. I been working long hours at work, starting my own company, trying to save, as well as pay off my debt. So money and time has not been on my side. I'm on a tight budget and a tight timeline but I wont dare let that hold me back. Imma keep movin', shakin' and hustlin' everyday!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Boredom = Photoshoot Fun!!!!!!

Nothing's more fun then dressing up, getting real cute and having a mini photoshoot with your girlfriends, then going back inside to watch chick flicks and have a margarita or two, right? Well when boredom strikes the L&F home this is exactly what we do!! And we enjoy every minute of it!

To us, it's just like we are getting dressed to go out and have a night on the town... minus the actual going out part. Besides, who says you cant dress up to stay home? And what girl doesn't like to look beautiful, even if its just to show it off to your girlfriends?

Come on ladies... we know you do this. And if you dont, then try it!! Have a girls night in! Get dressed, get drunk, get fierce and take a whole lotta pics (photoshoot style)!!!  It will be the most fun you've had in a while!! 

FuFu is WearingThink Positive Cut Off Tank - TJMaxx (similar here)  |  Yellow Bandeau - Victoria's Secret  |  Green Maxi Skort - Forever21 |  Gold Cross Belt - Urban Outfitters  |  Minimalist Black Sandals - BeBe  |  Cross Palm Cuff - Forever21
Lola is Wearing:  Dear L.A. Tank - Brandy Melville  |  Black Pants - Top Shop  |  Black and Gold Sandals - Aldo (sold out)  |  Pink Hobo - Aldo
Von is Wearing:  Tan Bodysuit - American Apparel  |  Tribal Skirt - Necessary Clothing (same here)  |  Clear Sandals - Jeffery Campbell

Monday, September 30, 2013

For the Love of Layers!



Black Skater Dress - H&M (similar here)  |  Leopard Cardigan - Forever21 (similar here) 
 White Blazer - Zara  |  Green Bag - H&M  |   Black Chain Platform Pumps - Bakers (similar here) 

It's almost my favorite time of year - FALL!!!  The cooler days are quickly approaching and I am one happy girl. I love fall fashion more than any other season because I can layer, layer, layer, until I can't layer no more without people looking at me like I'm crazy. Layering on hot summer days is bad for obvious reasons so I fight the urge to layer during these times so that I don't get those "is she crazy" or "does she know how hot it is out here" stares. But sometimes I'm like eff it, I'll wear what I want, because in the words of one of my fashion icons Rachel Zoe, "I'll sweat for fashion!" or freeze for that matter. As long as I'm cute! Ha Ha Ha!

Anyways, layering your outfits is super fun and the end result looks so cool! It's exciting to play with pieces that you already own and see how the different lengths and textures, thickness and colors can come together and be so chic. When done right, layering is instantly fashionable. You don't have to dress it up with accessories or try too hard. Simply throw on your layers, pull out your confidence and hit the streets! You'll be the baddest thing walking!

'Til next time lovies... Layer it on!!


Monday, September 16, 2013

At Lincoln Center for Mecedes Benz Fashion Week

 Love this pic. Snagged it from HERE!

FuFu is Wearing
White shirt dress - Rum & Raisin, Brookyn (similar HERE, HERE and HERE)
White caged heels - Jeffrey Campbell
Yellow satchel - ALDO
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters

Lola is Wearing
Print Top - Macy's
White skirt - H&M
Blue Handbag - Dooney & Burke
Shoes - Zara

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Allusions by A.Lekay swimsuits at NYFW!

Yep! Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is over!!! The people watching and style stalking commenced Saturday as Lola and I strolled through Lincoln Center snapping pictures and being featured in other peoples pictures (pics to come). Aside from hangin at Lincoln Center, I also went to a couple of shows which I will be featuring on the blog over the next couple of days.
Sunday I had the opportunity to shoot for my first MBFW show! How exciting?!!! The Allusions by Alekay swimsuit line features high-waist bikinis with each swimsuit being uniquely different from the others. There was some mesh and frill, cheetah print and cutouts! I was enamored by many of the pieces as I sat with the other photographers snapping away.  It was a beautiful collection and I can't wait to rock my Allusions by Alekay swimsuit on my vacation this winter.

Get High-waisted by Allusions by Alekay!!!! Visit their sites below!


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Vintage Red Tinted Sunnies


White Crop Top - Zara (Sold Out)  |   Boyfriend Jeans - Mango
Tan Strappy Sandals - Cole Haan (Similar Here)  |  Vintage Red Tinted Circle Frames