Monday, February 27, 2012

NYFW AW2012 Day 6 - Lola Leaves / Day of the Show

Day 6 was bitter sweet. Lola left me.
Unfortunately she had business to handle in California, so Lola left early Wednesday morning. But yet, the show must go on. 
I headed back to the studio early Wednesday morning, in black head to toe...(as I was instructed) to do last minute work and prepare for the big runway show that night. It was crazy mayhem. I had to order breakfast, print pictures of the models in their final outfits, and put them on boards to set up all around backstage, bag up all of the outfits by number, and a bunch of other stuff, all without my right hand.

First one to arrive... Mirror Pic time:)
The car came to get us all around 3pm and we headed to the venue. When we arrived it was all up from there. I was just going and doing. There were volunteers from F.I.T and I was appointed to be over all of them. I had to delegate to them, report to Mr. Michael and Greg (The show director), and be the middle man between them and the purse designer, accessories designer and others. It was a frenzy backstage and I was going a mile a minute. But the overall flow was very organized.

I was excited when Mr. Michael & Greg trusted me enough to appoint me to direct backstage. You know the job that Mr. Jay has on ANTM during the final runway show. That was my job. I had to make sure the models came out at the right time and in the right order, and were in the right outfit (many of them had outfit changes). During the dress rehearsal I was nervous but I did it and I did great. I had the models on point! Mr. Michael actually acknowledged me and was like "Perfect Job" he was actually following the run of show to make sure it was right.

Mrs. Rayas (seamstress) doing adjustments before the dress rehearsal.

After the dress rehearsal, the models were finishing up hair and make up, the volunteers were grabbing a bite, and every one else was at the reception. I actually got to sit down for a couple minutes and breathe. At 7:45 I had to make sure the volunteers were dressing the models, people were filing in, and the show was about to start in 15 minutes. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

These models were dressed and ready!
The ring that Mr. Michael picked to accompany this dress was beautiful.
LINE UP TIME! Make up artist doing last minute touch ups.
Mr. Michael doing final adjustments and details.

The show finally began. Second time was a charm for me, the models were in perfect order. The run of show went as planned. The show was great and everyone loved the collection.

Mr. Michael with model

After the show we did pack up and clean up. Everyone went to the after party, but I was so EXHAUSTED I decide to skip the party and went home. Plus Lola wasn't there to party with me.  I was so thankful for the opportunity and made sure to let Mr. Michael know.

NYFW was the most amazing experience for Lola and I. We met so many wonderful people, made some awesome connections, and had the time of our lives. Cant wait until next season!

Tootles, Lola and Fufu 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

NYFW AW2012 Day 4 - Model Calls and All

Day 4 was exhausting!
We wake up extra early to be at Mr. Michael's studio at 10am. We find that we woke up a little to early because we get to the neighborhood it is only 9am. So we leave, head to Starbucks to grab mochas and bagels. We eat there then head back. Its still early, but whatev.
So one of the seamstress Ms. Rayas get there first and she lets us in. We sit around admiring the studio and taking in the wall art
     So Mr. Michael gets there about an hour or so later and we are in it from then until we leave. We did pretty much any and everything we were asked from running to Macy's, Staples, Dunkin Donuts and other places. To taking lunch orders and organizing the 24 pieces and shoes for the show. But most importantly we were the assistants for the model casting. It was the most fun.
     In a nutshell...
     When a model came to the studio we had to ask their shoe size, then find some shoes for them to walk in. They then had to audition for Mr. Michael. If he liked them then we had to dress them in whichever piece that Mr. Michael's wanted them to try. We had to be very careful not to drag the clothing on the floor or snag anything. Once we got the outfit on the model they then had to model it for Mr. Michael. If he liked it on them, then we had to take their picture in the dress, and tag their name to the dress and the shoes. If he didn't like them in the outfit then we had to try them on other outfits. It was crazy because models were coming and going so quickly that we really had to pay attention to details, and stay on top of the tagging and organizing.
   But it was fun, most of the models were sweet and really cooperative, because they wanted to get the gig of course. They were asking us questions about Mr. Michael and what he wanted or expected of them. It was interesting to see how even though it may seem glamorous, at the end of the day modeling is still a job, a very competitive one at that.
  Anyways we didn't take many pictures that day cause we working from sun up to sun down, but check this video of us first arriving and anxiously waiting.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NYFW AW2012 Day 3: Just Chillin

Day 3 (SUNDAY) was a lazy day. We left VooDoo (Brooklyn) at 1:00am didnt get home (Englewood, NJ) until 5:30am. Not because it was a long commute, but because we had the craziest stuff happen to us! It was a long night, and an even longer story (maybe we will tell it another day). So we slept in that Sunday. Woke up hungry around 1am. Took forever to try to find some delivery. Then finally just decided to go out to eat. We went to a very delicious Mexican resteraunt in town called Blue Moon. As we were eating our fajitas and nachos we look out the window and it's SNOWING!! We were so excited! It was both of our first times seeing snow! We got the check and hurry and ran outside to take pics. Omg it was so cool (literally). We ran back inside when the cold hit us and admired the snow from the window. Lol!

We left Blue Moon, and headed to Starbucks for some hot cocoa. When we got back we were excited to hear to that we had finally got the call back we had been waiting for. We were going to be assistants to fashion designer B. Michael for his show that Wednesday. So we snuggled in, watched the Grammys, then prepared ourselves for the early rise and the hard work to come the next day. 
It was a great Sunday :)

Lola & Fufu

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NYFW AW2012 DAY 2 - Back to the City

Day 2 (Saturday) was a CRAZZZZZZYYYY DAY!!!!
     First it was BLISTERING cold outside, but none the less, it wouldnt be very adventurous of Lola and Fufu, if Lola and Fufu just stayed inside afraid of to overcome the cold! So we dared to venture back down to Lincoln Center to get another blast of Fashion Week.

So we get there and its a new group of fabulous folks and a couple that we had seen the day before. But we just couldn't take the cold, and ran inside to warm our toes.

Street Style for the day

So while inside we meet a guy who was sharing the warmth with us who works for ebony magazine. We asked his opinion on places we could go that would keep us from people watching in the cold and allow us to be fabulous indoors. He named a couple places but ultimately he convinced us that Happy Hour at Club VooDoo (Brooklyn) was the place to be. He said "Yooo, VooDoo be packed and poppin son!" Lol!
But WAIT... Lola and Fufu cant go to a packed and poppin Happy Hour with out bringing a little sex appeal with us! So at this point we decide that we gotta find a way to sexy these Fashion Week outfits.     We head to American Apparel, and bought gloves but it was a negative on the sexy there. We just decide to head to Brooklyn as we were because Happy Hour would be ending soon and we just couldnt miss that. But of course... Starbucks break first!!

Waiting for the Subway at 59th

OMG! Attack of the 9ft women!

Umm Lola, I don't think your bun is going to fit through that door...
     45mins later we make it to Brooklyn. And finally find VooDoo. We head in doors and there is just THREE people in this lounge, US and ONE lonely soul sitting at the Bar. about that packed and poppin club that you were telling us about... But whatever, its Lola and Fufu, the party comes to us Son! Lol!
     So we sit at the bar and then that ONE lonely soul gets up, walks behind the bar, and asks us what we would like to drink. LOl! Umm...yeah... Oh, okay because we were wondering where the bartender was??? Welp...and then there were 2.
     Anyways instead of ordering drinks we asked the bartender (named June) what we could do in the area. We explain how we were expecting a happy hour party and a bunch of people, and that we were just looking for some fun but he informs us that we were way too early. The club doesn't start jumpin until about 11:30. But he told us that there was a lot of shops, resteraunts, and even a mall in the area.
     Okay, back to plan A. Lets sexy these outfits and then come back. But first we flirt and giggle with June a little bit. Check... got em. Hey bouncer, we're on Junes list :)
     So walking around the neighborhood we find a really cute vintage shop called Beacon's Closet, some hip resteraunts and nice apartments. We are loving the area. We get to the mall.. and its a complete FAIL. Umm The only stores we recognized were Target, Marshalls, DSW and Maternity. This has definitely become a make it work moment.

Lola making it work. Inside Target, using a door mirror to put herself together, lol. Fufu snapping pictures of this Hilariousness!

     Wish we took pictures of the new sexy outfits, but we didnt think of it, sorry, we will try to describe them. Lola, took off her army green jacket and put the waist belt over her purple dress.  Fufu took off the black lace duster, and the maroon dress. Bought a belt and wore it with the sheer fitted black turtle neck she had on underneath, her cheetah hat, and black jeans.
     After our shopping experience it is still too early for the club but we really needed to "wine" down. So we go to "Alchemy"a restaurant 2 blocks from the club and order Martinis and Mussels. Yumm!

"Where is my DRINK!?!?"
Finally! Thank Baby Jesus,  Fufus drink arrives!
     Outfits sexied, lipstick reapplied, and finally it is time to ditch Alchemy and head to Voodoo. We make our way back but as we get closer we see that there is no line, and the parking lot next door has 2 cars in it. It's not looking too good but at this point we are like whatever, lets just go inside, get tipsy with June and have a blast. But to our ignorance and surprise the club actually has some people in it. Duuhhhh, Lola & Fufu... people dont drive to the clubs in NY! Silly girls!
     So we get inside and lets just say the night was CRAZY, STUPID, FUN! We partied with our new bestfriend June, the owner (John), and his best friend (Matt) ALL night. It was so much funnn!!!!!
What a day!
Love Lola and Fufu

Sunday, February 12, 2012

NYFW AW2012 Day 1: Look Who We Met

Its Miss Jay Alexander (America's Next Top Model) and Robert Verdi (The Robert Verdi Show, Fashion Police)!

We Couldnt get a picture with Robert, but can we just say that Miss Jay is a B***H! With a Capital B!!!  Lola's face says it all! Lol!
FYI -- The line behind us is of people hoping to be standers/ seat fillers at the Rebecca Minkoff show. We were comtemplating standing in that line, until we learned that there was a line twice as long around the corner. Ummm... NO!

Love ya loves,
Lola and Fufu

Saturday, February 11, 2012

NYFW AW2012 Day 1: Street Style

Some fabulous Street Style at Lincoln Center. NYC

YESSSS TO MS. JOY!!! Blogger for Essence Magazine!
We love how she belted her puffer jacket. Werk!
Who doesn't love a color pop??
This embroidered coat is giving us a MOMENT!
Loving these two fashionable gentlemen. They were the sweetest.
Yes to this fabulous Dread-hawk!

Friday, February 10, 2012

L&F- NYFW AW2012 Day 1

Oh em gee today was AHHHHHHHmazing! We had so much fun, busy in the city. We woke up, took literally 3 hours to get dressed then made our way to the city. A taxi, bus, and subway ride later we found our way to Lincoln center. There should be a crime against so much fabulousness in one place. It felt great to be amongst our peers, people who breathe fashion just like us. We fit right in, and had many people ask for our pics.

About 2 hours later we meet this loud, brash, hilarious, cute little Jewish fashion blogger girl named Lainy and we instantly clicked. We decided that a coffee break was much needed and made our way to Starbucks.
Lainy!!!! :) Check out her blog!  Haute Inhabit
Thank God for Starbucks!!

After we parted ways with Lainy, we headed to Canal street to do some light shopping!
Video below of us walking the streets and being silly.

Eventually we made it to dinner. We went to this bomb Italian resteraunt named BOOM! lol! (Love that name). The food was to die for and the atmosphere was chill and hip.  Lola had the Ribeye Steak and I had the Seafood Linguini. DELISH!

Welp, thats all for today folks! Check back tomorrow for Day 2 of L&F take NYFW!
Love ya!

Lola And Fufu -- Take NYFW 2012!!!

Hey ladies and gents! We are finally in NYC for NYFW AW2012!!!  This is our first time coming together and we are super excited! Keep checking back for pictures of us, street style, and vlogs of all the cool crazy fabulous fashion that we encounter here. Love ya guys much!!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Cheetah Print, Red Fringe... Part 2

I don't know what it is about this red purse, but I can't seem to wear it without some accompanying cheetah print...
Photo Credits: Symone Ridgell

Gray Crop Shirt - Necessary Clothing (NYC)
Black Skinny Jeans - Express 
Red Fringe Purse - LnF Clothing
Cheetah Boots - DIBA (DSW)
Earrings - Topshop
Necklace - Forever21