Friday, February 10, 2012

L&F- NYFW AW2012 Day 1

Oh em gee today was AHHHHHHHmazing! We had so much fun, busy in the city. We woke up, took literally 3 hours to get dressed then made our way to the city. A taxi, bus, and subway ride later we found our way to Lincoln center. There should be a crime against so much fabulousness in one place. It felt great to be amongst our peers, people who breathe fashion just like us. We fit right in, and had many people ask for our pics.

About 2 hours later we meet this loud, brash, hilarious, cute little Jewish fashion blogger girl named Lainy and we instantly clicked. We decided that a coffee break was much needed and made our way to Starbucks.
Lainy!!!! :) Check out her blog!  Haute Inhabit
Thank God for Starbucks!!

After we parted ways with Lainy, we headed to Canal street to do some light shopping!
Video below of us walking the streets and being silly.

Eventually we made it to dinner. We went to this bomb Italian resteraunt named BOOM! lol! (Love that name). The food was to die for and the atmosphere was chill and hip.  Lola had the Ribeye Steak and I had the Seafood Linguini. DELISH!

Welp, thats all for today folks! Check back tomorrow for Day 2 of L&F take NYFW!
Love ya!

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  1. I had so much fun with you guys, you're hilarious! (missing some corn)

    Mucho Love!