Thursday, February 23, 2012

NYFW AW2012 Day 4 - Model Calls and All

Day 4 was exhausting!
We wake up extra early to be at Mr. Michael's studio at 10am. We find that we woke up a little to early because we get to the neighborhood it is only 9am. So we leave, head to Starbucks to grab mochas and bagels. We eat there then head back. Its still early, but whatev.
So one of the seamstress Ms. Rayas get there first and she lets us in. We sit around admiring the studio and taking in the wall art
     So Mr. Michael gets there about an hour or so later and we are in it from then until we leave. We did pretty much any and everything we were asked from running to Macy's, Staples, Dunkin Donuts and other places. To taking lunch orders and organizing the 24 pieces and shoes for the show. But most importantly we were the assistants for the model casting. It was the most fun.
     In a nutshell...
     When a model came to the studio we had to ask their shoe size, then find some shoes for them to walk in. They then had to audition for Mr. Michael. If he liked them then we had to dress them in whichever piece that Mr. Michael's wanted them to try. We had to be very careful not to drag the clothing on the floor or snag anything. Once we got the outfit on the model they then had to model it for Mr. Michael. If he liked it on them, then we had to take their picture in the dress, and tag their name to the dress and the shoes. If he didn't like them in the outfit then we had to try them on other outfits. It was crazy because models were coming and going so quickly that we really had to pay attention to details, and stay on top of the tagging and organizing.
   But it was fun, most of the models were sweet and really cooperative, because they wanted to get the gig of course. They were asking us questions about Mr. Michael and what he wanted or expected of them. It was interesting to see how even though it may seem glamorous, at the end of the day modeling is still a job, a very competitive one at that.
  Anyways we didn't take many pictures that day cause we working from sun up to sun down, but check this video of us first arriving and anxiously waiting.

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