Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NYFW AW2012 DAY 2 - Back to the City

Day 2 (Saturday) was a CRAZZZZZZYYYY DAY!!!!
     First it was BLISTERING cold outside, but none the less, it wouldnt be very adventurous of Lola and Fufu, if Lola and Fufu just stayed inside afraid of to overcome the cold! So we dared to venture back down to Lincoln Center to get another blast of Fashion Week.

So we get there and its a new group of fabulous folks and a couple that we had seen the day before. But we just couldn't take the cold, and ran inside to warm our toes.

Street Style for the day

So while inside we meet a guy who was sharing the warmth with us who works for ebony magazine. We asked his opinion on places we could go that would keep us from people watching in the cold and allow us to be fabulous indoors. He named a couple places but ultimately he convinced us that Happy Hour at Club VooDoo (Brooklyn) was the place to be. He said "Yooo, VooDoo be packed and poppin son!" Lol!
But WAIT... Lola and Fufu cant go to a packed and poppin Happy Hour with out bringing a little sex appeal with us! So at this point we decide that we gotta find a way to sexy these Fashion Week outfits.     We head to American Apparel, and bought gloves but it was a negative on the sexy there. We just decide to head to Brooklyn as we were because Happy Hour would be ending soon and we just couldnt miss that. But of course... Starbucks break first!!

Waiting for the Subway at 59th

OMG! Attack of the 9ft women!

Umm Lola, I don't think your bun is going to fit through that door...
     45mins later we make it to Brooklyn. And finally find VooDoo. We head in doors and there is just THREE people in this lounge, US and ONE lonely soul sitting at the Bar. Umm...so about that packed and poppin club that you were telling us about... But whatever, its Lola and Fufu, the party comes to us Son! Lol!
     So we sit at the bar and then that ONE lonely soul gets up, walks behind the bar, and asks us what we would like to drink. LOl! Umm...yeah... Oh, okay because we were wondering where the bartender was??? Welp...and then there were 2.
     Anyways instead of ordering drinks we asked the bartender (named June) what we could do in the area. We explain how we were expecting a happy hour party and a bunch of people, and that we were just looking for some fun but he informs us that we were way too early. The club doesn't start jumpin until about 11:30. But he told us that there was a lot of shops, resteraunts, and even a mall in the area.
     Okay, back to plan A. Lets sexy these outfits and then come back. But first we flirt and giggle with June a little bit. Check... got em. Hey bouncer, we're on Junes list :)
     So walking around the neighborhood we find a really cute vintage shop called Beacon's Closet, some hip resteraunts and nice apartments. We are loving the area. We get to the mall.. and its a complete FAIL. Umm The only stores we recognized were Target, Marshalls, DSW and Maternity. This has definitely become a make it work moment.

Lola making it work. Inside Target, using a door mirror to put herself together, lol. Fufu snapping pictures of this Hilariousness!

     Wish we took pictures of the new sexy outfits, but we didnt think of it, sorry, we will try to describe them. Lola, took off her army green jacket and put the waist belt over her purple dress.  Fufu took off the black lace duster, and the maroon dress. Bought a belt and wore it with the sheer fitted black turtle neck she had on underneath, her cheetah hat, and black jeans.
     After our shopping experience it is still too early for the club but we really needed to "wine" down. So we go to "Alchemy"a restaurant 2 blocks from the club and order Martinis and Mussels. Yumm!

"Where is my DRINK!?!?"
Finally! Thank Baby Jesus,  Fufus drink arrives!
     Outfits sexied, lipstick reapplied, and finally it is time to ditch Alchemy and head to Voodoo. We make our way back but as we get closer we see that there is no line, and the parking lot next door has 2 cars in it. It's not looking too good but at this point we are like whatever, lets just go inside, get tipsy with June and have a blast. But to our ignorance and surprise the club actually has some people in it. Duuhhhh, Lola & Fufu... people dont drive to the clubs in NY! Silly girls!
     So we get inside and lets just say the night was CRAZY, STUPID, FUN! We partied with our new bestfriend June, the owner (John), and his best friend (Matt) ALL night. It was so much funnn!!!!!
What a day!
Love Lola and Fufu

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