Monday, February 27, 2012

NYFW AW2012 Day 6 - Lola Leaves / Day of the Show

Day 6 was bitter sweet. Lola left me.
Unfortunately she had business to handle in California, so Lola left early Wednesday morning. But yet, the show must go on. 
I headed back to the studio early Wednesday morning, in black head to toe...(as I was instructed) to do last minute work and prepare for the big runway show that night. It was crazy mayhem. I had to order breakfast, print pictures of the models in their final outfits, and put them on boards to set up all around backstage, bag up all of the outfits by number, and a bunch of other stuff, all without my right hand.

First one to arrive... Mirror Pic time:)
The car came to get us all around 3pm and we headed to the venue. When we arrived it was all up from there. I was just going and doing. There were volunteers from F.I.T and I was appointed to be over all of them. I had to delegate to them, report to Mr. Michael and Greg (The show director), and be the middle man between them and the purse designer, accessories designer and others. It was a frenzy backstage and I was going a mile a minute. But the overall flow was very organized.

I was excited when Mr. Michael & Greg trusted me enough to appoint me to direct backstage. You know the job that Mr. Jay has on ANTM during the final runway show. That was my job. I had to make sure the models came out at the right time and in the right order, and were in the right outfit (many of them had outfit changes). During the dress rehearsal I was nervous but I did it and I did great. I had the models on point! Mr. Michael actually acknowledged me and was like "Perfect Job" he was actually following the run of show to make sure it was right.

Mrs. Rayas (seamstress) doing adjustments before the dress rehearsal.

After the dress rehearsal, the models were finishing up hair and make up, the volunteers were grabbing a bite, and every one else was at the reception. I actually got to sit down for a couple minutes and breathe. At 7:45 I had to make sure the volunteers were dressing the models, people were filing in, and the show was about to start in 15 minutes. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

These models were dressed and ready!
The ring that Mr. Michael picked to accompany this dress was beautiful.
LINE UP TIME! Make up artist doing last minute touch ups.
Mr. Michael doing final adjustments and details.

The show finally began. Second time was a charm for me, the models were in perfect order. The run of show went as planned. The show was great and everyone loved the collection.

Mr. Michael with model

After the show we did pack up and clean up. Everyone went to the after party, but I was so EXHAUSTED I decide to skip the party and went home. Plus Lola wasn't there to party with me.  I was so thankful for the opportunity and made sure to let Mr. Michael know.

NYFW was the most amazing experience for Lola and I. We met so many wonderful people, made some awesome connections, and had the time of our lives. Cant wait until next season!

Tootles, Lola and Fufu 

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