Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Backstage - B Michael Couture, Spring 2013

I worked the B Michael Couture Spring runway show again this year. It was fun but hard work as usual. I had a great time, met some fun and amazing new friends, and cant wait to do again next season!!!
*Iphone Pics, sorry for poor quality*

Gate, getting her gorgeous face made up.

More models getting primped and primed

Accessories laid out over their accompanying look. The Run of Show

Looks, tagged and ready to walk
This gown was stunning!!!

Models, ready to walk

Mr. Michael giving his final pep talk and pointers

The Crew... John, Sha and I.

John and Gate. Gate is giving me everything,.. she is ready to open the show!!

After the show. Kisses good bye!!
After the show. Purse Designer, Mark Paige and Ms. Fufu!
Some fabulous ladies, I chased down after the show. Had to get a pic of this Chanel sailor hat! Loves it!

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