Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!!!!

We live for three day (or more) weekends!!! This weekend was sooo much fun, partying in the Meatpacking District and Times Square, and ending it off with a trip to Brooklyn for the West Indian American Carnival and Parade. It was a great way to end the long weekend, good music, good food, and good times! This festival was MASSIVE! It was more than we could have imagined, there were people everywhere, representing their countries to the FULLEST. I mean the energy was vibrant and energetic, it felt amazing and fun to be in the mix. The REGGAE music was blasting from every street, and everyone from 5 to 55 was shaking their tails and dancing to tunes. Even if you had no rhythm, the mood was contagious! You couldn't help but have a great time. Hope you had a fabulous lonnnggg weekend! Fashion week is quickly approaching AHHHHH!!! It feels great to blog again.  

Ciao Lola & Fufu

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