Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sexy Fishnets

Hat - H&M
Crop Sweater - Forever21
DIY High Waist Shorts - Polo Ralph Lauren
Necklace - BCBG
Boots - Ecote (Urban Outiftters)
Belt - Thrifted
Fishnet Stockings - Herve Leger
Bag - Olivia + Alice

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Day Like This

Top: Kenar (TJMaxx) | Skirt: H&M | Pumps: H by Halston |  
Bracelet: Aldo | Necklace: Fufu's Collection | Clutch: Vintage

Love Lola <3

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Winter Work Wardrobe Struggle

So now that we've both found jobs it's been really interesting to see the different "wardrobe battles" that we go through when trying to piece together our work attire. As she's mentioned,  Lola's job is very corporate, so she is struggling with being fabulous but still keeping it appropriate. Her 6inch stilettos and crop tops just won't work for the corporate world, haha. And me on the other hand, I work at an advertising agency, so it's really laid back, a little more casual than business casual. We basically can't wear jeans, and you know the normal stuff that you can't wear to most jobs like shorts, tanks, tees, etc., but anything else is pretty acceptable. I love my job, the atmosphere and most of all the laid back dress code, but sometimes it's really hard for me to keep my outfits casual with out going too "FUFU fierce" lol. I definitely can't reach for my chunky heels and funky accessories anymore, but I have to play more with my blazers and colored pants. Oh and by the way, it snowed yesterday, so now I gotta figure out how to keep warm and still be "FUFU Fierce." Ay yi yi, the struggle continues...

This is how we wear green, black and white. These are great examples of work appropriate outfits for us both.

Fufu's Outfit Details

Black and White Blazer - Thrifted
Black and White Top - Ann Taylor
Hunter Green Pants - H&M
Boots - Steve Madden
Bag - Big Buddha

Lola's Outift Details

Blazer - Express
White Top -  Random Marshall's Find
Olive Skirt - BCBG Max Azria
Tights - Calvin Klein
Shoes - Kelsi Dagger
Bag - Cynthia Rowley

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FALLing in love with NYC!

Fall has always been my favorite season. In West Palm Beach I loved it because the days were cooler and drier. It was no longer a scorching 90 to 100 degrees, but the days were beautiful high 70s to low 80s. Best of all it doesn't rain so much and it is never too cool to go the beach. Now that I am in NYC, I'm so appreciative to experience a real Autumn. Where the fall leaves gradual change colors and gracefully shed from the trees above. It's an amazing phenomenon to witness. The days are getting colder and shorter but I dont mind it at all, becuase fall is also my favorite season for fashion. I love dressing for fall, where I can layer up and be warm enough that I am free from lugging around my heavy and pesky winter coats, that's always such a drag.

--xoxo FuFu 

Hat - Vintage
Jean Shirt - Forever 21
Cardigan - Boutique in Harlem
Scarf - Forever 21
Jeans - Express
Boots - Steve Madden
Purse - Olivia & Joy
Necklace - Nordstrom

Monday, November 5, 2012

Orange you glad you can VOTE!!!!

Work Work Work... My NYC lifestyle is a hustle, I spend so much time working and traveling to and from work.  When it comes to trying to get adventurous with my wardrobe, the corporate world calls for a lot more creativity. But at least once a week, I like to give them a little shocker at work with my business attire! I found this skirt at H&M a year or two ago, and fell in love with it. This reminds me so much of Mad Men, sometimes I think I should have been born back then (just for the fashion)!!
**Make sure you get out there and exercise your right to VOTE tomorrow!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!**

Cardigan: H&M | Top: H&M | Skirt: H&M | Purse: Vintage | Shoes: Steve Madden

Love Lola :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Behind the Scenes - New Banner Photo Shoot

Hope you all love the new banner!!! Although we were sooo attached to our original banner, it is time for a change. We decided to do a simple theme for the new banner, using our bodies as some of the letters! As you can tell we are all about black and white right now. We were indecisive about two different final versions of the banner. We are so thankful to all of our instagram followers who voted and were the deciding factor between then two. Here is the final banner and some of the original shots we took. So you can view them up close and personal. Enjoy!  

Lola's first attempt of the "T." This one clearly wasn't doing enough for us.


We liked this T much better.

Fufu attempting different poses for the "A."

Lighting check, Just shooting our outfits, lol!

So this was hilarious! We had this bright idea to attempt to be a the "V" in Adventures by falling face first and keeping our feet together, it was creative and fun but needless to say it did not work out how we thought it would. Lol, The pictures came out sooo funny!

There is so much going on with our outfits. If you would like to know where a specific piece comes from just leave a comment!

Lola and FuFu