Sunday, November 4, 2012

Behind the Scenes - New Banner Photo Shoot

Hope you all love the new banner!!! Although we were sooo attached to our original banner, it is time for a change. We decided to do a simple theme for the new banner, using our bodies as some of the letters! As you can tell we are all about black and white right now. We were indecisive about two different final versions of the banner. We are so thankful to all of our instagram followers who voted and were the deciding factor between then two. Here is the final banner and some of the original shots we took. So you can view them up close and personal. Enjoy!  

Lola's first attempt of the "T." This one clearly wasn't doing enough for us.


We liked this T much better.

Fufu attempting different poses for the "A."

Lighting check, Just shooting our outfits, lol!

So this was hilarious! We had this bright idea to attempt to be a the "V" in Adventures by falling face first and keeping our feet together, it was creative and fun but needless to say it did not work out how we thought it would. Lol, The pictures came out sooo funny!

There is so much going on with our outfits. If you would like to know where a specific piece comes from just leave a comment!

Lola and FuFu

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