Monday, January 28, 2013

Making History - Again

Geesh, we really need to get our lives together and post in a timely manner. We're so busy its crazy! Posting every week day has proved to be harder than expected, but its a work in progress.

Anyways our instagram followers already know this but... We went to DC last weekend for the Inauguration and we had a fabulous time! We rode the Amtrak for the first time from Penn Station to DC. It was super relaxing and chill! We are so glad we didn't rent a car like originally planned, because the traffic in DC was HORRIBLE. Oh yea, fab friend Diny came along for the ride!

We stayed at the JW Marriott on Pennsylvania. The hotel was elegant and gorgeous! The chandeliers were to die for. If we could get our hands on one, it would be a fabulous finishing touch in our living room! Okay not really, the chandeliers were huge!! Probably bigger than our living room and kitchen combined, lol! Not only was the hotel beautiful but the food... OH EM GEE, it was soooooooo delicious!

We were volunteers for a ball that was being held at the hotel Sunday night! It was super easy work and we got to stay at the hotel and eat for free the entire time! The colors of the ball were blue red and white. So all the women had to wear those specific gown colors, and the men had to wear ties those colors. Everyone looked gorgeous. And it was so funny how all 3 of us picked navy blue, one shoulder gowns to wear. how crazy is that. The ball was so fun, we partied there all night.

The next day we woke up and attempted to go site seeing and catch the parade. The line to go through security was crazy. And it was so cold, we couldn't even take it. After getting through security and watching the parade for 5 minutes, we decided to go back to the hotel and join te watch party that the team was having.

When we got to the party, there was no one there! Everyone had left! But We had unlimited mimosas, and brunch.

It was an awesome way to spend the weekend.  Any excuse to play dress up is a good time!!

xoxo Lola and Fufu

Traveling there

Lola and our friend on the train, Chilllaxin.

The Hotel and Food

The chandeliers 

Souvenir chocolates just for us :)

Our Meals

Hanging out in the Hotel

The Inauguration Ball

The parade and Site-seeing
Silly girls, waiting at the security checkpoint line before we could go to the parade

Fufu excited that we finally made it through the checkpoint

At the parade. 

Watch Party

Traveling home


  1. look like you ladies had a great time, and you all look so lovely in your gowns.

    1. We really did have a great time! Thanks :)