Friday, April 19, 2013

A Gold Moment and my Fav Sunglasses :)

Gold Blazer - Vintage  |  Gold Pants - H&M  |  Black Pumps - Nine West  | 
 Sunglasses - PrimaDonna (Real HERE, Steal HERE)  |  Belt - Vintage | Bag - Forever21

I am so in love with these sunglasses that I purchased a couple of months ago. The sun has finally decided to grace us with its presence here in the city, so I am super excited that I get to wear them much more often

Yes, they are Prada knock-offs, but you know what I say to that... SO WHAT!  My debit card would burst into flames and disintegrate into a pile of ash if I even played like I was going to purchase a 300 pair of sunglasses. One day I shall get there, but for today, Imma keep it real, for my sake, and my bank accounts sake. Besides I ALWAYS lose my sunglasses, so lets

Anywho, to all you ballers and shot callers, the REAL deal are above. And to all the babes on a budget, check out the STEAL pair for $10.00.

Sending LOVE!

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