Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Altered Vintage Yellow Blazer

Altered Vintage Cut off Blazer   |   Striped Jeans - Urban Outfitters (sold out)   |   Shoes - Tory Burch 

Remember THIS outfit? 

I've always loved the color and cut of this vintage blazer, but for some reason I just never reached for it. Then one day I came up with the brilliant idea to cut the sleeves off. Sleeveless blazers are definitely trending right now so I was right on the money when I thought to go under the knife with this bad boy a couple months ago. Now I wear it more than ever!

Anywho, the look is so simple to achieve. My tailor charged me $40 to cut off the sleeves and take in the back of the blazer a bit — I've lost a couple pounds since the previous post. 
Simply head over to your nearest thrift store and find a great vintage blazer that you love (avg 7-15$). If you want the blazer to have the same winged, structured effect that mine has then be sure that the blazer you pick has good, sturdy shoulder pads inside. The stiffer the shoulder pads the better.  Then make sure that your tell your tailor, that you want to leave the pads in the blazer. If he/she doesn't understand then just show him a picture of my blazer... we all know that tailors are visual people. 

And there you go... Easy as pie!  


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