Monday, September 30, 2013

For the Love of Layers!



Black Skater Dress - H&M (similar here)  |  Leopard Cardigan - Forever21 (similar here) 
 White Blazer - Zara  |  Green Bag - H&M  |   Black Chain Platform Pumps - Bakers (similar here) 

It's almost my favorite time of year - FALL!!!  The cooler days are quickly approaching and I am one happy girl. I love fall fashion more than any other season because I can layer, layer, layer, until I can't layer no more without people looking at me like I'm crazy. Layering on hot summer days is bad for obvious reasons so I fight the urge to layer during these times so that I don't get those "is she crazy" or "does she know how hot it is out here" stares. But sometimes I'm like eff it, I'll wear what I want, because in the words of one of my fashion icons Rachel Zoe, "I'll sweat for fashion!" or freeze for that matter. As long as I'm cute! Ha Ha Ha!

Anyways, layering your outfits is super fun and the end result looks so cool! It's exciting to play with pieces that you already own and see how the different lengths and textures, thickness and colors can come together and be so chic. When done right, layering is instantly fashionable. You don't have to dress it up with accessories or try too hard. Simply throw on your layers, pull out your confidence and hit the streets! You'll be the baddest thing walking!

'Til next time lovies... Layer it on!!


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